Two bedroom apartment

Two bedroom apartment with a private bathroom and a balcony

Two-bedroom apartment on the top floor, which can comfortably accommodate between one and four people. It includes a 50 LED TV with a sound bar and a blu-ray player, a great sofa bed in the living room and interior furnishings of a high standard. The high quality kitchen has a homely yet modern look with a dishwasher and all the equipment youll need. In addition you have a private balcony to watch the local culture.

  • Two, small cosy bedrooms with high quality beds, mattresses, and duvet covers
  • Private bathroom with a shower, hairdryer and towels
  • High quality sofa bed in the living room
  • Fully loaded kitchen with a dishwasher
  • High quality, Samsung 3D Smart TV with a sound bar
  • Blu-ray player
  • Free wireless Internet access

Total size 63 square meters