Terms & conditions of TORG GUESTHOUSE

The Terms and Conditions of TORG GUESTHOUSE.

The leaseholder shall inform himself of the Terms and Conditions of the TORG GUESTHOUSE before completing his order. Upon payment he is deemed to have fully agreed to the following terms and conditions:

TORG GUESTHOUSE // TORG GUESTHOUSE EHF ID no. 460317-0530. Terms and conditions:

Payment and booking

To confirm booking, a credit card number must be provided which will then be charged according to the rules of TORG GUESTHOUSE. TORG GUESTHOUSE reserves the right to charge the leaseholder's credit card for any damages or negligence which may be traced to the leaseholder or members of his party.

Prices, taxes and fees:
Taxes and fees are included in the price. All prices include VAT. Any stay paid by a gift certificate cannot be booked on-line.


List price
Any cancellations shall be made 7 days before the estimated time of arrival. If cancellations are made later than that, TORG GUESTHOUSE reserves the right to charge payment in full to the respective credit card.

Special offers
In case of special offers, payment must be made in advance. The price given for the complete stay will be charged immediately to the respective credit card and is non-refundable.

Behaviour and accommodation
-The minimum age of leaseholders is 25 years and the leaseholder shall stay in the respective room/apartment himself. It is not permitted to sublet the room/apartment to a third party. TORG GUESTHOUSE reserves the right to expel guests from their room/apartment without warning if these conditions are not followed.

-Rooms and apartments shall be emptied no later than 11:00 on the day of departure and are available at 15:00 on the day of arrival. Between June 1st and August 31st the reception will be open from 09:00 and 18:00 on week days. Guests arriving outside these hours can retrieve their keys from a box by the entrance using a security number.

-The leaseholder is responsible for the contents and treatment of the room/apartment and is liable for any damages caused by him or other members of his party to the room/apartment during the rental period. Compensation for damages caused by the leaseholder or other guests in the building during the rental period will be charged to the leaseholder's credit card. The leaseholder shall immediately report any faults to the accommodation upon arrival. The leaseholder shall also report anything that breaks down or gets damaged during his stay.

-Pets are not allowed.
-Smoking is strictly forbidden in the building.
-The leaseholder is responsible for the keys and shall pay for them if they get lost or if he does not return them at the end of his stay.
-The hotel shall be quiet between 23:00 in the evening and 08:00 in the morning. Full consideration must be paid to other occupants of the building. Any violations can cause expulsion from the building without a refund.
-The number of guests stated for each room/apartment must be respected unconditionally.

-Guests have access to a free, wireless Internet-connection at their own risk and TORG GUESTHOUSE does not take
any responsibility for damages caused by using it. Nor if the connection does not work or if the guests' computers are unable to connect to the Internet.
-Guests have access to a washing machine and a dryer in the building. Guests use the washing machine and the dryer at their own risk and TORG GUESTHOUSE does not guarantee that the washing machine and the dryer are usable, i.e. in case of breakdowns or other issues.
-The leaseholder is responsible for informing himself of these conditions.
-The rooms/apartments as well as common areas of the building and its immediate surroundings must be treated well. The rooms/apartments shall be left in a good condition and guests must make sure that everything is in its place upon departure.
-All tableware must be washed and in its place upon departure and no trash may be left behind in the rooms/apartments.
TORG GUESTHOUSE reserves the right to charge expenses to the leaseholder's credit card if these conditions are not followed.
-The room/apartment shall be left in a good condition and treated with respect.

Any violation of these terms and conditions can be grounds for termination of contract and may incur added expenses to the leaseholder due to damages or costs caused by repairs, cleaning or other reasons.